There's something fresh goin' on over here at the ol' Evergreen E.

And no, it's not room spray, clean diapers, or even fruit.

six apparently fresh diapers

You see, I am a writer who is also an editor. I loooove to name things. And believe it or not? I also enjoy the occasional play on words. (And if you actually didn't laugh out loud at that one because it's more than obvious... you must not know me very well yet. Keep reading. You will.)

So I decided to go ahead and name myself and what I do. Why not? And it was actually very, very easy. Because I am a writer and an editor and if you just combine the two words a little, you get:


Mmhmm. That's right. And then that thought kind of blossomed into something altogether AWESOME. (I've put this page up before and gotten a unanimously positive response, so I know it's awesome.)

So you saw it here on Evergreen Eden, first:

the FelloWord.

You're going to see a lot of these here from now on. It's the act of combining TWO words (i.e., fellow + words) into totally trendy and oh-so-repeatable NEW words (i.e., Fellowords.)

And I thought: Hey. Shouldn't there be a combined word to express the very concept of combining words?

Why, yes, said I. I think there should.

And thus, the unprecedented, historically profound concept of "Fellowords" was born. 

Yes, I know. Please hold your applause. Because first you should know the (blessedly for you) short story about how I came up with the term Fellowords:

I looked up the word mate  on the Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus, and from there, I came up with the following possibilities:
  • TerMate (term + mate) - Yup, no-brainer on that one. Gross!
  • wordmate - Totally sterile. The Felloword equivalent of ...the color beige.
  • loveword - ...I don't even know what to say about that one?
  • and (last but not least,) bosom words - Kind of funny, but obviously a fail. I mean, wouldn't two separate words sort of defeat the whole purpose, entirely?

And then I saw it. Fellow. (A synonym for the word mate.)

Voila, dear people! You may clap now...

WOW, thank you! You're too kind. :)

So here, in all their lovechildish, bosom-friendy glory, are Eden E's super-dooper and someday-famous.... Fellowords:

  • drogging (verb):  drowsy + blogging
  • blowsy (adj):  blogging + drowsy
  • Froggers (noun):  friends who are bloggers
  • Motech (noun):  modern + technology
  • Internext-Door Neighbor (noun):  Internet + Next-Door Neighbor (which is just a fancier way of saying good buddy on the 'net.)
  • funlightening (adj): fun and enlightening
  • EditoWriter (noun): Editor + Writer (What I am!)
And there you have it. So far, anyway. 

I will continue to add more FellowordsTM as I think them up/throw them into a post, in order to a) attempt to express myself, b) attempt to be funny, c) fail miserably at both, or of course d) all of the above.
    disclaimer: This page is copyrighted material, one day to be semi-famous, and comes straight from the deep recesses of Eden's brain. 

    ...And for that, I apologize.