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Dear Reader,

Hello! Welcome to Paradise. :)

This blog was created just for you - the worldwide Web-weary woman, (or man of course, but "woman" had the "w" thing going on... You understand, right?) who has found SO much helpful information out there, that you're overwhelmed.

Perhaps you're torn between different advice from different blogs (because frankly it all sounds great.) 

Or you may have found so many inspiring articles by so many inspiring gurus in so many inspiring naturopathic niches, you're not even sure where to start! 

Or, maybe you've been at this for years (like me) and you're sick to death of clicking a billion different bookmarks and ending up losing track of where you were going in the first place, every time you get online.

I mean, don't get me wrong. Technology, especially the Internet, is  miraculous. WOW what a gift we have.

But - as with all great gifts - it comes with great responsibility.

And having unlimited information right at your fingertips? (And in your face and in your inbox?) It is just, plain, overwhelming.

I understand. Really I do. Because it overwhelms me, too. All of it. 

So, I created a solution.

And that is how Evergreen Eden came to be what it is today: A one-stop home base for all your self-improvement needs (and wants!) Or any kind of improvement, for that matter.

Just like it says: Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

Anyway. In other words, my goal is to bring all the great stuff out there to you.

Sort of like the Costco of writer's blogs. Only, free memberships for all. Because I'm really nice that way. 

You're welcome! :) The only thing I ask in return? Please remember what happened to poor Adam and Eve, and try to remain at least partially clothed while you're here.

Haha sorry, couldn't help myself.

It's so nice to have you here, and I really hope to hear from you!


p.s. Currently this site is in its beginning stages, so please let me know what you would like to see here if I don't have it yet! Leave me a comment or email me at: